The Shih-Tzu Toy Breed Dog

Shih Tzus have compact, sturdy bodies with long flowing double coats. Gentle and playful, the Shih Tzu puppy makes a good family pet.

Just looking into the sweet face of a Shih Tzu puppy will melt your heart to pieces! They are beautiful dogs with a great demeanor. Our Nebraska-bred puppies make great companions and are wonderful dogs for families.

Shih Tzus are friendly and gentle, with a face that often looks as if they are smiling. The breed is relatively small, ranging in weight from 9 to 16 pounds, typically. The Shih Tzu needs to be regularly bathed and combed to keep their fur silky, shiny and smooth. The main color of the Shih Tzu is white, with silver, brown or black colors often mixed in.

Our Shih Tzus are lively and entertaining, which is a common trait of the breed. They will keep you laughing for hours! While they are mild-mannered, they love to play. Whether you live in a house or apartment, the Shih Tzu adapts well to any living environment.

We have many puppies available, but you’re sure to see that it will be hard to choose just one! Our high standards for puppy health, breeding and training will guarantee you and your Shih Tzu will enjoy a full and vibrant lifetime with one another!