Nebraska Toy Dog Breeder

We take pride in raising happy, healthy puppies!

We are a family owned, and operated dog-raising facility located at Newport Nebraska, offering pure-bred puppies since 2002. We take pride in raising happy, healthy puppies. All the puppies are guaranteed to be healthy and full of companionship. Our loving interaction with our adult and newborn puppies assure the addition of a Sandhill’s Puppy Paws puppy in your home to be a lifelong, joyous experience. We also have several references available, if you like.

So, come on in, have a look around and make yourself at home for at Sandhill’s Puppy Paws, you are our honored guest and considered part of the family! We take pride in raising happy, healthy puppies!

Family Oriented Surroundings

A family oriented, calm surrounding and frequent human interaction, are combined with gentle care to assure you and your family the healthiest puppy possible. We develop strong personal relationships with each of our adult dogs.

Clean Environment

Cleanliness is our one priority. A clean facility produces healthy puppies. We clean our pens several times a day.

Uniting You and Your Family with a Playful, Registered Toy Breed Puppy!

With our website and digital imaging, we invite you to see your puppy right from your PC. Through email contact, we can take a picture of prospective additions to your family, and send them to your email address. You may call (402) 244-5337 with any questions you may have, 7 days a week. Keeping in contact with our customers is important to us. We even get post cards, letters and pictures from families and puppies that we brought together. Our personal attention goes into bringing every family the happiness of a healthy, playful pure bred puppy!

Private, Friendly & Helpful Breeders

The addition of a puppy into your home is forever rewarding. We are dedicated to helping you make this one of your most memorable experiences. We guarantee your satisfaction and are pleased to assist you in any way we can, both before and after you take your puppy home
Sandhill’s Puppy Paws Toy Breed Puppies is one of the most comfortable, healthy, and personable facilities in the midwest. We hope you have enjoyed your tour and that we have helped in finding the right toy breed puppy for you!