Registered Puppies are Healthy Puppies.

We Guarantee the health of your new puppy. We are dedicated to excellence and provide the following guarantee to our buyers…

The puppy you have purchased from Sandhill’s Puppy Paws is guaranteed to be healthy and current on vaccinations and deworming at the time of the purchase. It is the responsibility of the buyer to continue with the vaccinations and health care. We use a 5-way vaccine, which is given at 6, 9, and 12 weeks, then yearly. Your vet may recommend more shots. We guarantee the puppy for ten days from the date of the purchase against parvo virus, distemper, hepatitis, parinfluenza, and bordetella. If the puppy should get any of these diseases within the ten day warranty period, notify us at once. We will not pay for a puppy getting low blood sugar or crashing, as we have no control on how it is fed and cared for. If the puppy should die of any of the above within the ten day period, contact us within three days of the death. A replacement puppy will be provided from the next litter of the same breed and sex. The buyer must provide a written veterinarian statement as to the cause of the death.

We guarantee the puppy against hereditary or congenital disorder that may interfere with the puppies ability to lead a normal healthy life. This is a one year guarantee covering disorders such as heart murmur, blindness, and hip displasia. We will replace the puppy under the same conditions as stated above providing veterinarian statement is submitted to Sandhill’s Puppy Paws within ten days from the date of the diagnosis. We will only reimburse you for the price of the puppy excluding shipping.

The buyer is responsible for all veterinarian charges after the date of purchase and for any shipping expense of the replacement puppy.

We can not guarantee the size of the puppy when full grown, but can tell you the size of the parents. We are selling this puppy as a pet and will not guarantee breeding quality.

Download a .pdf hard-copy of our guarantee. (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)